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"Give me one good trial... and I'll SHOW you the friggin' awesome difference."



Hello Friends,

I’m Dr. Alex Brewer, PharmD... the formulator behind FOCAL FORCE and Chief of Operations at our boutique-size, USA based company: SANCTUS NUTRITION.


And I know what you’re thinking:

I’ve tried everything ... how is this different? … Is the price worth it? … What’s the taste like? … How do I know it’s working? …Is it addictive? …  Etc.

I know that you’re asking these hard questions… because I've asked these questions for more than 16 years...

You see, when I was young I tried every pre workout on the market looking for that perfect blend:   A noticeable increase in powera jump in stamina … and … a pure clean energy-boost that didn’t stress out my body when I used it long term.


Long story short - I couldn’t find it.


So… I put my pharmaceutical training to use and created a premium pre workout supplement that’s:

Like you… I was tired of big brands shoving fake solutions down my throat and dressing it up with a pretty label to make me feel good.

And I was tired of huge doses of caffeine that cause burnout.

I want the truth… and I want a superior product. - Is that so much to ask?

So plain and simple, I made it.

Cool, right? 


So after 4 years of research, development, formulation and testing… I proudly bring you:


FOCAL FORCE – the caffeine free pre workout that harnesses the power of theobromine (the same wonderful stuff found in chocolate) to give you a powerful and pure pre workout supplement that costs less than a good sports drink per scoop and gives you WAY more.

I’ve personally sourced the best ingredients possible at every step … balanced each and every component based on the best research available … and crafted a no-nonsense formula.

And… even though you’re NOT here for taste (it is about performance) – I even used an all natural blend of ginger and monkfruit (good for you anyway) to make the flavor better.


You should know….

Our only goal at SANCTUS is to make you a better performer, in the gym and out.

In fact… 

If FOCAL FORCE doesn’t give you the boost you need in the gym, just let us know within 60 days, and we’ll give you 110% of your money back, no questions asked. 

That’s how confident I am that I’ve created a truly superior product that gives you the boost you want and helps you get the most out of your reps.  Day or night.


Yours truly in health and self-improvement,


 Dr. Alex Brewer, PharmD


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