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How A Pharmacist Made A Keto-Friendly Pre-Workout Free from Caffeine and Sugar

You’ve started going to the gym or you’ve been lifting for a while -

in any case, you’re probably familiar with those neat little powder jars people call “Pre-Workout”.

They’re AWESOME. They give you energy and make you feel like you can lift a metric-shit-ton of weight without getting tired. They don’t taste too bad either!

But they also have some annoying side effects….a tingling sensation when you feel it kicking heart...hell I felt anxious a while after each scoop. It’s not a very pleasant feeling.

You see, almost ALL of these pre-workouts are loaded with artificial sweeteners, food coloring, and a ridiculous amount of caffeine. All of this, while under-dosing the ingredients that actually give you a boost.

The caffeine is usually what makes most users think the pre-workout is “working” but it’s actually doing squat if you’re a regular coffee drinker….you’ll feel the tingling and the heart rate going up, but not much of a performance boost overall.

While I was in pharmacy school, my roommate regularly commented on how he couldn’t find a pre-workout free from caffeine...I spent a few months figuring out everything there is to know about these supplements.

I learned how they’re made from start to finish...

I learned the REAL effects of the doses they were putting in…

A lightbulb went off in my head just like that.

Fast forward several months later...and Focal Force was born. I created it specifically to NOT have any of these artificial fillers and sweeteners, while cutting back on caffeine (I also made a caffeine-free version which sells like crazy) and I made sure it has scientifically proven ingredients that help you boost your workout and recovery.

(hooray pharmacy school!)

I also found out some of my keto friends loved it because it has 0 grams of sugar - it’s flavored using ginger root and monk fruit, a natural sweeteners famous in the keto world.

In short, here’s what you’ll get when you start boosting your workout with Focal Force:

Sound good to you? You can try it for yourself - just click the button below to get one.



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"I love the thought and care that has gone into the formulation of this product. As a ketogenic athlete, ingredients matter to me A LOT. Alex and his team have formulated a quality product that I feel comfortable taking while following this lifestyle. And I can take it morning or night with the option of a stim-free version. This is the product I've been searching for. Thank you Alex and thank you Sanctus Nutrition!!"

-Rachel C

Thanks for stopping by and reading how I made this - hopefully I’ve introduced you to a better alternative than your average pre-workout.

Alex Brewer, Owner and Chief Caesar - Sanctus Nutrition.