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Can you trust that supplement label?

Can you trust that supplement label?

In 1991, Levi Strauss & Co were hit with a huge scandal: 

Although their jeans bore a “Made in the USA” label, it turns out some of their jeans were manufactured in factories on the island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands, a small island chain in the Pacific. The Northern Mariana Islands are a commonwealth of the United States - so although the jeans were technically “Made in the USA”, they were the result of exploitative labor practices, as workers in Saipan - mostly immigrants from Asian nations, some as young as 13 years old - were paid sub-minimal wages and subjected to 12-hour shifts seven days per week.

The takeaway?

This is a classic case demonstrating why you can’t always trust the labels companies slap on their products. Although there is some regulation in place to prevent outright fraud, as demonstrated in the Levi Strauss case, loopholes are common and easy to exploit.

We see this often in supplements. 

With the tide continuing to grow against artificial sweeteners, more supplement companies are claiming to have products which are “naturally flavored” or “free from artificial sweeteners”.

But what is REALLY inside these products?

Look at the label. If the product is claiming to be “free from artificial sweeteners”, you’ll likely find the nebulous “natural flavors” on the label, in small print near the bottom, listed under “other ingredients”.

What are “natural flavors”? That’s a great question - and one you’re not likely to get a concrete answer to.

You see, there isn’t much regulating what is “natural” and when a company can claim that their product is “naturally flavored”.

The biggest distinguishing factor: “natural flavors” come from natural sources, whereas artificial flavors are completely man-made. Just because “natural flavors” come from natural sources doesn’t mean they are 100% natural - often, chemicals from the original natural product are extracted, enhanced, and then added into the final product.

“Most often, as far as I could find, the actual chemicals themselves could be identical or extremely close in terms of natural versus artificial,” - David Andrews, PhD, senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group.

Unlike other supplement companies, we’ll never mislead you with our labeling.

Our flavoring comes exclusively from ginger root and monk fruit. No deceit or dirty tricks here. Just 100% naturally flavored pre-workout.

That's all I've got today. Double-check your labels and if you're ever in doubt - you know Sanctus Nutrition is a company you can trust.

Talk again soon. Have an awesome workout today!


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