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Are you missing this key ingredient to looking better naked?

Are you missing this key ingredient to looking better naked?

It’s easy to think that supplements are the secret to looking good naked. Or some special diet (Paleo! Cyclic Keto!). Or doing obscure “under-utilized” functional exercises (Bosu ball squats with dumbbell curls at the bottom!).

I own a supplement company, and I’m here to tell you: supplements are not the secret to success. A niche diet is not the secret to success. Doing obscure exercises is not the secret to success.

There is ONE thing, though, that is absolutely key to unlocking your physical potential.

Before I "discovered" it, I tried everything mentioned above.

I spent way too much money on supplements. I tried just about every diet out there (except vegan, because meat is amazing). TO THIS DAY, I still get psyched when I walk into a gym with a Prowler. In the back of my mind, there is still a voice saying “PROWLER PUSHES BRAH HELL YES YOU GETTIN JACKD TODAY!”

I tried all those things, and I never got any closer to the body I wanted. All I got was frustration. All this time and money spent, and I still looked average.

What happened? Why weren’t my supplements, special diets, and random exercises getting me the lean body I wanted?

Because none of that shit matters if you lack one key ingredient to looking good naked. 

The key ingredient to achieving your best body is consistency. Specifically, you MUST be consistent in three key areas:

1) You must be consistent with your diet.

Raise your hand if you know someone who does this:

Monday morning comes and motivation is at an all-time high. Breakfast: egg whites, quinoa, spinach. Lunch is grilled chicken with salad. Dinner is salmon with asparagus and black beans.

This goes on throughout the week. Perfect diet, killing it in the gym.

But by the time Thursday rolls around, you begin seeing the signs.

It starts off small. Little lines dropped in conversation. “Man, I’m eating so well this week. I can’t wait to hit up unlimited tacos and $3 craft drafts Saturday night!”

By Friday morning they are practically salivating at the thought of “real” food. They've drawn up a list of all the foods they're buying for cheat day (This was me in college. Let's just say I never came close to seeing my abs).

As soon as the clock hits 5pm, they’re off to the races!

Their weekend revelry knows no bounds. For 48 hours, it’s as if this is their last meal and all food will disappear from the face of the Earth come Sunday.

This is a HUGE, critical mistake - lack of consistency in diet. I made this mistake for YEARS and no amount of exercise can overcome it.

It is easy to think, “I eat healthy all week. I can relax on Saturday and Sunday.” Simply looking at the numbers shows the fallacy in logic here:

There are seven days per week. If you don’t eat healthy Saturday and Sunday, that’s two days out of seven you eat poorly. AT BEST, you are eating healthy 71% of the time, and that’s assuming you are perfect all other days.

71%. That’s a C-. Your diet is barely passing.

You cannot expect A+ results when you eat like a C.

2) You must be consistent with your exercise.

Two big killers here: inconsistently exercising, and not sticking to the same routine long enough.

I think we can all admit we’ve been guilty of being inconsistent with how often we exercise.

The most common New Year’s Resolution is to exercise more. Gyms are PACKED in January, and by March, most new enrollees won’t be back again until next year.

Look, life happens. We’re going to miss workouts.

But if we’re going to expect results, we HAVE to be consistent. We can’t go to the gym for 6 weeks, miss 2 weeks, go for 4 weeks, miss a get the picture.

It’s better to consistently go to the gym two days per week for 20 weeks, rather than "hitting it hard" in spurts and then not working out at all for long periods of time.

Another classic mistake: switching routines so often, you never actually make progress on any of them.

It’s easy to get distracted by trendy exercises and the allure of a new routine. As human beings, we’re attracted to new things. The mystery of the unknown plays on our psychology - we view new exercise in a positive manner, especially when we’ve hit a tough point or plateau in our current routine.

Plateaus are where we make ourselves. You ARE going to plateau. If you don’t hit multiple plateaus, you are probably doing something wrong. No one went from a 100 to 500-pound deadlift in a 100% linear fashion.

Similarly, no one went from overweight to mean n' lean without hitting multiple bumps along the road.

Stop switching routines every month, and try running the same one for 12-16 weeks. Focus on small wins each week.

Some of my best progress has been made after working the same routine for over a year, because incremental gains - adding 5 pounds to my deadlift every other week - add up to big wins over longer periods of time.

3) You must be consistent with your sleep

Contrary to what we want to believe, great bodies are NOT made in the gym. Rather, they are made by what you do outside the gym.

Similar to our diet numbers above, sleep is a simple numbers game: if you get shit sleep on Saturday and Sunday, at best, you’re getting adequate sleep 71% of the time.

You cannot sleep like a C while expecting A+ results.

Get consistent, adequate sleep. It is critical for your body to recover and grow!

Wrapping Up

Lean bodies aren’t made from supplements, crazy exercises, and constantly switching routines. They are made from consistency.

Consistency is the key to getting your best body.

Consistently eat healthy, consistently exercise, and consistently get good sleep.

Focus on consistency in these three areas, and you’ll be on the fast track to looking good naked.

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