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We create premium supplements with zero artificial sweeteners, no food dyes, and no proprietary blends.

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All of our products are formulated by a pharmacist to ensure proper, effective dosing, and life-changing results.

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what our customers are saying:

I’ve never been one to take a pre workout.. even during my 4 years of running DI Cross country and track. I’ve been taking Focal Force as a pre-workout and I love it! I feel stronger in the gym and I feel like my endurance is at an all time high!

Erica S.

We have been using Sanctus preworkout for about 6 months and haven’t gone back to our last brand ONCE! 

Jonny S.

After trying more than a handful of artificially sweet pre-workouts, I really enjoy the natural flavor of Focal Force and I don't experience any jitteriness after taking it. It's been my must have before lifting heavy and long endurance workouts.


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